Saint Miquel (Peramola)

It lies in the southern part of the county of Alt Urgell, extending to the right of the Segre. From a physical point of view, the Segre separates the municipalities of Peramola and Oliana. Peramola also includes the villages of Cortiuda, Castell-llebre, Nuncarga and Tragó.  The boundary extends from the right bank of the Segre to the border with the county of Noguera and from the Aubenç range, in the north, to the slopes of the Sant Marc mountain, in the south. In the middle of the municipality stands the emblematic Sant Honorat mountain. Various torrents and ravines, such as the Salat, the Rumbau and the Nerola, cross the municipality.

The main communications link is the C-14 transversal trunk road towards Seu d’Urgell.

Inhabitants: 374
Altitude: 566 m
Area: 56.2 km2
Catalan name of inhabitants: peramolins/es