Baronia de Rialb

Monastery Sta. Maria (Gualter)

The municipality lies at the north-eastern end of the county of Noguera. It consists of 11 population centres: Gualter, La Serra, La Torre de Rialb, Politg, Palau de Rialb, Bellfort, Pallerols, El Puig, Sant Martí de Rialb, Vilaplana and Sant Cristòfol de la Donzell.  On the right bank of the Segre, it occupies the lower part of the basin of the Rialb, a tributary of the larger river. The boundary runs northwards from the Segre to the heights of the Sant Quiri range, on the border with Pallars Jussà.

River Rialb and the construction of the Rialb dam have had important consequences which need to be taken into account for future development of the area. The Rialb dam installations are located in this municipality.

Inhabitants: 276
Altitude: 747 m
Area:  145 km2
Catalan name of inhabitants: rialpenc/a