Folklore and festivals

 A sign of authenticity
During the course of the year, about 30 religious and popular festivals are held in the towns and villages of the Segre Rialb Consortium.
At the beginning of the year, the highlights are the Carnival festivals, the biggest of which is at Ponts, with the “Ranxo” festival. For Easter, the town of Oliana preserves the tradition of putting on the “Passió Viva” passion play, a spectacle well worth enjoying.
Spring is when the gatherings are held at the village hermitages. The many churches scattered over the region are a good demonstration of the Christian faith of the people of this region and there is therefore no lack of what we would call folklore, which is the humanisation of religion.
During the summer, the town and village festivals are held, where music, culture and street activities are expressed to the maximum.