Nature and sport

Cereal field

Nature at its most unspoilt

Set in the heart of the Pre-Pyrenees, the region’s Mediterranean Holm oaks, pines, oaks and crops, and riverside woodlands of poplars and willows, beside the rivers and the wetter zones, leave room for the zone’s native trees and vegetation.

We invite you to enjoy the magnificent views, the pleasant landscape, and the waters of the Segre River, and to discover the rural landscape and natural attractions by taking routes on foot, by vehicle or by bicycle. Visit some unique beauty spots such as the Forat de Buli gorge on the Rialb River, a site for canyoning.

The construction of the Rialb Reservoir has made this zone an ideal setting for water sports like canoeing, the site of a “mountain beach”, which is perfect for visits in the summer months, and paths that lead to corners where water rises from the earth in the form of springs.