• 1. ESSENCE: AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES, strong traditions. From the past, agriculture and livestock have been present in this area of ​​essential form. The salmon fishing has become also a tradition.
  • 2. CLASSIC: A STROLL THROUGH HERITAGE. The Romanesque. Rialb Segre region, is possessed of a great cultural heritage, which emphasizes, above all, the Romanesque. Inhabited since prehistory, inherited many legacies.
  • 3. SURPRISING: NATURAL ATTRACTIONS. The rugged landscape and natural attractions invite you to discover beautiful places through walking tours, by car or bicycle. The attractiveness of places Rialb Segre gives a high landscape value.
  • 4. ACTIVE: SPORTS. The construction of the dam Rialb this area has become the ideal setting for water sports like canoeing, and enjoy unique places like the Forat de Buli.
  • 5. FUN, FAMILY GETAWAY. Discover the different leisure activities, which may be interesting for the whole family.
  • 6. PLACES OF DREAMS: THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND THE VILLAGES. The natural environment and small towns are the main characteristics that define the supply of accommodation establishments.
  • 7. DELICIOUS: SWEET AND SALTY... A GOURMET TASTING. Wealth of local produce and a wide variation of culinary concepts.
  • 8. TRADITIONAL: A SAMPLE OF AUTENCITAT. During the year there are about 30 religious and popular festivals. The carnival, the Ranxo Ponts, the Viva Oliana Pasi, meetings and festivals at shrines in the villages, are examples.

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